After finding a very old family photo album in the attic, did you feel like going over the history of your ancestors and discovering the names of your ancestors? With a little ‘luck you can do it, without spending a penny and using nothing more than your computer (or your mobile, if you prefer).

Follow the directions I am about to give you and you will find out  how to trace your ancestors  using the power of the Web, or rather the vast databases of some online services where users enter their family data to create “public genealogical trees” and find ancestors / relatives from all over the world. In these databases there are very detailed information, such as date and place of birth of each person, identity of parents, place of residence and much more. Furthermore, in many profiles “extra” content is available, such as photographs, birth certificates and other documents that can facilitate the identification of a relative (near or far).

Research is not always successful. On the contrary, as mentioned above, we need good doses of patience and luck to obtain noteworthy results … but when we succeed, satisfaction is truly priceless. Try it now, in most cases it costs nothing. I cross my fingers for you!

Ancestors Portal

The first site I want to report is Ancestors . This is a portal edited by the General Directorate for Archives and by the Ministry of Cultural Heritage and Activities and Tourism, thanks to which documents from the State Archives can be found to conduct personal and genealogical research. It is completely free and requires no registration.

To search for documents related to your ancestors on the Ancestors portal, linked to the main page of the latter and click on the entry  Find the names at the top right. Then fill out the form that is proposed to you indicating the most information possible (name, surname, type of deed to be found, City / place of origin and year) and click on the Search button  to view the results.

When the search results appear, click on the Open button  located under the name of your interest to view the documents available on the Ancestors portal. If you want, by clicking on the item  Browse the logs at the top you can also view the list of institutions and archives reproduced, sorted by location.

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